Taye Diggs Won’t Ask His Wife To Have A Second Child

‘Private Practice’ star Taye Diggs and his wife, Idina Menzel, welcomed son Walker Nathaniel last September, but Taye isn’t sure about a second baby. He’s leaving it up to Idina.

“I was in the room when my wife gave birth to Walker [Nathaniel], and after seeing that and going through the nine months of pregnancy with her, I would never ask,” says the first-time dad…

“I would never ask her for another child. If she wants to give me one because she wants to, I’m perfectly fine with that. I came from a large family, and I would love Walker to have some siblings.”

Quick not to rule out anything, Diggs, 39, says that “there’s also the idea of adoption. So we’ll see. It’s basically up to her. She’s the boss. It’s her body.”

Sometimes it can take a little while to come face the prospect of another pregnancy- LOL. But it is SO worth it. And there are plenty of kids who need homes out there, so adoption is a great option.

I can’t wait to see a picture of Walker; I bet he’s adorable :)

Photos by FAME




  1. Ninni says

    I’m sure if she really wants another child, the process won’t become a problem she wouldn’t bare going through again. I’ve heard it too many times, women going “never again will i get pregnant”, and after some months, they forget all the negative sides, or just don’t feel so strongly about them. Even one poor friend of mine who had to undergo several surgeries and was in serious pain for over a year after giving birth due to some complications.. If she doesn’t want another child, period, that’s another story. But i love how Taye is so appreciative of her, and that’s the way it should be too imo.

  2. CaptainSpauldingToTheRescue says

    She’s stunning and he has my favourite celebrity smile, love them!