Liv Tyler And Milo Enjoy A Morning Walk

‘The Strangers’ actress Liv Tyler was spotted out walking with her son, Milo, in New York City this morning. They both seem to like stripes :)

Is it me, or does Milo seem A LOT bigger? He just sprouted up! Adorable.

Did you see ‘The Strangers’? I heard it was really scary. Now they’re making ‘The Strangers 2.’ Do you think you’ll check it out?

Photos by INF


  1. Katie Bee says

    I was one of the few people that liked “The Strangers”…so yes, I’ll see the sequel. Plus I love Liv. =)

  2. Only one says

    I like her. She should be in more movies. I love that she lays low and you don’t hear gossip about her.

  3. CaptainSpauldingToTheRescue says

    I thought The Strangers was terrible. I was super excited to see it and I’m a huge horror fan but it was a disappointment. Not scary or suspenseful at all.

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