Claudia Schiffer Names Daughter Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond

Claudia Schiffer has named her baby Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond.

The German supermodel gave birth to her new daughter on May 14 at London’s Portland Hospital and now she and her film producer husband Matthew Vaughn have announced their choice of name. Claudia’s publicist told Welt Online:

“Her name is Cosima Violet Vaughn Drummond. Both mother and child are fine.”

Claudia and Cosima have now left hospital and are back at home. Congrats to this happy family! Cosima joins Caspar and Clementine. What do you think about Claudia’s choices? They are certainly different right?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Yea something about him not finding out who his real father was initially and then using both Vaughn and Drummond as surnames later.

  2. Annie123 says

    Perhaps, but for this one I’m sure pretty sure it has a specific meaning. Where did you get the “beauty” translation?

  3. Anonymous says

    Words sometimes have different meanings when translated or used in different contexts.

  4. Anonymous says

    Actually, both are somewhat correct. Cosima is a derivative of Cosmos which is “order, harmony and beauty, universe” The order of the cosmos is a form of beauty.

    There are several sources online that will support that.