Michael And Dina Lohan Have Called A Truce?

Today is a good day for Lindsay Lohan and her family. Earlier today Lindsay made it to an appointment with her probation officer, meanwhile her parents, Michael and Dina Lohan, were in NYC working to end their battle and promising a more peaceful existence.

“Everything is fine,” Michael told RadarOnline.com, in an exclusive interview. “Dina and I are finally on the same page and there are 15 pages to prove it.”

Dina said she really didn’t have any issues with Michael about Lindsay, just some child support to iron out:

“First of all, I never had a hatchet to bury and as far as Lindsay, he went on a media brigade and spun it all out of proportion,” she said. “As far as child support, he did not pay for a year and was facing jail time if he did not comply. “He had to step up and pay.”

The two came to a private agreement regarding child support, which they were due in court next week to address.

“We’re going to court to tell the judge that we worked this out on our own,” he said. “I know that I made the wrong decisions by holding money over Dina, which in the long run actually hurt my children.
“For this I am sorry. After court on June 3, from a united front, Dina and I will give a statement and I will be happy to discuss how my decision and course of action have changed.

“I want to thank Dina very much and I look forward to moving in a very positive direction.”

Hmmm..do you think this is the start of a more peaceful Lohan family? Or just the calm before the next storm? What will we do with our free time if Michael stops calling press conferences and giving interviews to the media?

After Lindsay’s probation meeting this afternoon, she headed over to Fred Segal for a little retail therapy.

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  1. captain america says

    they brought together a miscarriage to the united states…………
    named: LILO, folks!!