First Look: George Clooney In ‘The American’

Goodness: does this man EVER stop working? Here’s George Clooney in his next new movie, ‘The American.’ Here’s a brief description of it from IMDb:

An assassin hides out in Italy for one last assignment.

Hmmm… George as an assassin. Could be hot :)

Take a look at the trailer:

What do you think: does this look like it’s worth a trip to the theater, a renter, or a pass?

These pictures, by the way, are of George filming yet ANOTHER movie, ‘The Descendents,’ in Hawaii last March.

Photos by FAME




  1. Anonymous says

    I will watch anything with George, and usually pay theater prices. Okay, maybe not, cuz I still haven’t seen Staring At Goats or whatever that was called, but Up In The Air was a good movie. I will most def see this one in the theater. Heck did you see his abs? lol
    Yes I agree with the other poster, poor Brad, has so much apathy in his life right now, he could care less how he looks. Naturally, since he isn’t on a movie, there is nothing to motivate him to look his best. Sorta sad for our viewing.

  2. Monette says

    There is something about George that makes me not stand him even more after I saw this year’s Oscar awards and how badly he took others making fun of his lack of talent.