Russell Brand And Katy Perry Don’t Want Wedding Presents

Russell Brand and Katy Perry don’t want any wedding presents. The couple is due to marry in October and are asking guests to not spend money on gifts.

“Given that Katy and I both have good jobs, we don’t want any presents. It would be a massive indulgence.”

Russell has also asked his friends to NOT throw him a bachelor party because he no longer takes drugs or drinks.

What would be the point? I’m not drinking, don’t do drugs anymore and I only sleep with Katy, so it would be more fun to just sit in an allotment and stare at a bunch of carrots.”

I know these two are very happy, but Russell is making such a DRASTIC life change. I hope he is able to stick with it. It’s really a 180.




  1. Scruffy says

    He just seems to talk about it a little too much… who is he trying to convince. And what, he can’t think of ANYTHING to do with his buddies for a batchelor party? lame.

  2. meeeeeeeee says

    We have almost forgotten!
    After a string of high-profile relationships, Brand developed a reputation in the media as a ladies’ man. His dating life won him The Sun’s Shagger Of The Year award in 2006,[70] 2007,[71] and 2008. The award has been renamed “The Russell Brand Shagger Of The Year Award” in honour of Brand having won three years in a row.[72]

  3. katgib13 says

    Good for him. I love how they don’t want gifts….I never got why celebrities accept gifts anyway. They have tons of money and can (and do) buy anything they want.

  4. CapturingLife says

    I think they have a strong chance of making it work. Russell changed his life BEFORE Katy, not FOR Katy, so that right there gives them an advantage. :)

  5. lovebug66 says

    Glad he has changed his life…he really needed to for his own well-being. Wish them much luck!