Julia Stiles Joins Showtime’s ‘Dexter’

Dexter fans! I have great news!! Showtime has announced that Julia Stiles has signed on for 10 episodes from their 5th season. The actress is due to play “a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) in the wake of the death of his wife”. Sounds… romantic?

I LOVE Michael and Julia – this seems like a perfect fit.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Spoiler? Did you not read the heading? What did you think you were about to read? As someone who watches almost all shows later through the DVD sets, you should know you have to avoid ALL stories about your show until you are caught up. Relax, it was your fault.

  2. Anonymous says

    My guess is Julia becomes the kids nanny… with benefits? Hopefully she goes at this role diferently than the rom-com , sappy dramas she’s done in the past. She’s a smart girl, decent actress. Maybe in her time away from the spotlight there has been some growth? We shall see. And I agree , Love David Zayas! And the rest of the cast.

  3. CapturingLife says

    Most sites don’t give “spoiler alerts” THIS long after the finales. 😉 Just sayin’. It’s pretty hard not hear about what happened in the finales a few days after they air.

  4. captain america says

    it must when people with no tits at all wear these kind of dresses!!

  5. KissKiss says

    Thanks for pointing that out, it makes her chest look really weird.

    Anyway, I love Dexter! David Zayas (Batista) is the man!

  6. Marivone says

    Eca… I dont believe it! Loveee Dexter… Julia Stiles… She is sooo… blahhh… she seems so retarded. And her mouth is wierd…


  7. Anonymous says

    The end of the last season left you with not having the knowledge whether she was actually dead or if her death was a dream or something else, so by saying, “in the wake of the death of his wife,” that confirms her death and = SPOILER. Obvious if you’d actually watched the last season of the show.