Simon Baker Attends ‘The Mentalist’ Photo Call In Monte Carlo

I love me some Simon Baker!!! Anyone a fan of ‘The Mentalist’? I’ve been watching the show for a few season and have officially fallen in love with Patrick Jane.

Here he is attending the 50th anniversary of the Monte Carlo TV Festival – ‘The Mentalist’ photo call. What do you think about those sunglasses? I wish he kept them off the entire shoot. Such a handsome man!

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  1. Anonymous says

    I got tickts to the festival but I do not recognize anyone, only when I see comments like yours! I guess I should watch more TV! I did see JR from Dallas… he he… looks the same just much older. I met Brenda Vaccaro, lovely lady! (I admit I had to google her after…) Tomorrow is the closing of the TV festival…

  2. Anonymous says

    Oh yea I like him!!!! LOL, have you all watched him in Something New….. he can paint my toe nails any color!!!

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