Nicole Kidman Visits Her Parents In Australia

It’s Nicole Kidman!! We haven’t seen this woman in ages. Here she is visiting her parents in Sydney, Australia. Where’s Sunday Rose? Her daughter most certainly made the trip with her as news publications are reporting she was seen landing with her famous mom.

Did you hear the quote that Keith Urban gave to People Magazine about his beautiful baby girl?

“I think she’s a combination of both of us so far. But she got my wife’s legs, which is very lucky for her. She sure didn’t deserve mine.”

LOL! How on EARTH can he tell whose legs she has?
Photos by INF




  1. Felicia says

    Where’s the adorable Sunday Rose?

    LOVE Nicole’s outfit! I want that jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kiev says

    Haven’t seen Nicole and her baby lately, so this is quite a treat.
    She’s hiding. \\\\\\\Glad to see Nicole happy and contented.
    Thank you, Ms Sweeney.

  3. Anonymous says

    He’ short (comparatively) and she has extremely long legs. My parents knew by the time I started walking that I inherited my legs from my father’s side of the family (short legs, long torso) rather than my mom (long legs, smaller torso).