Ashton Kutcher’s Credit Card Gets Denied At Movies

Woops!! Ashton Kutcher had his credit card denied while at the movies. Apparently, while he was attempting to purchase popcorn and soda with wife Demi Moore, his card wouldn’t go through. A source told In Touch Weekly magazine:

“The manager rushed over, apologized and gave them everything for free. Ashton didn’t seem embarrassed at all. They just laughed it off.”

That’s embarrassing. But it’s happens to the best of us, right? The difference is when it happens to us it doesn’t get written up in the papers!!

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    That ensemble with the sweater and haircut makes him look like an extremely unattractive lesbian.

  2. Scruffy says

    No the difference is if it where to happen to anyone else they won’t get it all for free!!!!! I HATE that rich as celebs get soo much for free.

  3. imagamble says

    Hello! you forgot the part where if it were us, no one would apologize or foot the bill. Scruffs right I hate the rich gettin richer. Ya I’m bitter.

  4. AnotherDirtyMartini says

    Never thought I would be saying this, but Ashton looks downright frumpy in these pics.

  5. Anonymous says

    Ok how is it that AK’s credit card gets declined and the manager apologizes? That’s bull, so you’re telling me he doesn’t carry another cc? Or CASH?

  6. KayFromCanada says

    This is downright disgusting!
    I have little respect for people
    who think celebs deserve better
    than everyone else!! If I were the
    manager I would’ve said “To Bad, you should’ve
    had some cash on hand”! Also it’s just popcorn how are
    you using a credit card to buy something that is under $10!!
    Ridiculous people who are rich just because they can act or sing
    or throw a ball! How about the people who save lives everyday or the people who fight for your rights??? This is a messed up world, where social status is more important than your achievements!

  7. Anonymous says

    WHAT? sometimes I wonder if you even read the stuff you’re posting! this story makes absolutely no sense…his credit card was denied so that manager rushed over to APOLOGIZE and give him free stuff?? As if it is the movie theatre’s fault that a multi millionaire can’t make his credit card payments? I am stumped!

  8. JennB says

    How is that necessarily an error in her writing? In the world of celebrities the manager was probably apologizing that the celeb (Ashton) probably felt embarrassed (though he seemingly didn’t feel that way), or had to wait while his card wasn’t going through. Theater’s fault? Absolutely not. Kissing a star’s ass to keep him coming? Absolutely.

  9. lis says

    you are also assuming his card was denied because it was max’d out. I’ve had that embarrassing situation at the counter before when I was using an expired card and did not realise it, or another time when I had made too many single purchases in a day and my carrier automatically locked it for suspicious activity.. there’s quite a few reasons why somebody’s card can get denied.

  10. Anonymous says

    I’m with the others – his card was declined so they give him things for free? Us regular (non-celebrity) folk would have to walk away embarassed.

  11. sarasoso says

    Geez Vera, you falling behind on the gossip. You better catch up, this news is over 2 days old.

  12. Austin's mommy says

    I wonder if the next person in line had been declined on his card if the manager would have done the same for him. (NOT) I think this story is disgusting.