Emmy Rossum Going Topless For New Show

Emmy Rossum is going to take her top off, in HD, for her new show, ‘Shameless.’ But she’s not shy about letting the world see her goodies in HD because it was natural for the role.

It’s really outrageous and funny, the way it’s told and depicted. Nothing’s taken too seriously. So even though it’s a hard circumstance, the family has an incredible will to survive. And there’s a lot of funny naked drunkenness.”

She adds that co-star Justin Chatwin helped ease the tension she felt.

“It’s new for me. I was really comfortable with Justin. He’s kind of like my brother. Well, I shouldn’t say he’s like my brother. But we’re that comfortable with each other, so it didn’t feel weird.”

Do you lose any respect for actresses who will take their top off for a role, or is that pretty much expected in Hollywood today?




  1. imagamble says

    oh please! back in the day I took off my top everytime the wind blew. At least she is doing it for art and $$$kaching! boobs are not that racy anymore.