Twilight Saga: Eclipse Smashes Box Office Records

The team behind Twilight Saga: Eclipse is whistling a happy tune all the way to the bank today. After just ONE showing last night at midnight, the flick made $30 MILLION dollars. Crazy! That’s making back almost half of its budget in ONE showing.

It surpassed New Moon’s opening night of $26.3 million. It also made a record $1 million dollars in IMAX showings, beating out the previous record held by Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Some theaters offered a special viewing of Twilight and New Moon prior to the midnight show, pulling in an additional $2.4 million!

Although it is off to a mind-boggling start, it’s not expected to exceed New Moon’s $142.8 million opening weekend.

Did you go to a midnight showing? I saw some of the photos of theater lines on Twitter – INSANE!!!

Photos by WENN




  1. Vedder says

    I have to laugh at all of these adults getting geeked about a fking kids movie–so immature–and my nephews and nieces said it was stupid–lol

  2. katgib13 says

    I went. I have to was the best of the three. The make-up and hair were much better, the wolves more realistic and the acting has upgraded a bit. The director did a fabulous job.

  3. Nickymore says

    I’m in South Africa and also went last night. It was EXCELLENT and completely worth it. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good and think the director did a great job! I think that people have an issue with the Twilight saga that they shouldn’t read the posts or comment? Just a thought.

  4. momster says

    I have to admit… I took my daughter and a van-full of her friends to see the midnight showing at the drive-in. That place was PACKED! It fit 300 cars and then they let people park outside and walk in with their lawn chairs when the spaces were full. All the other theaters had sold out beforehand.