Hot Or Not: Peter Facinelli

Since ‘The Twilight Saga: Eclipse’ is upon us I thought we should talk about one of its supporting characters. Peter Facinelli was photographed outside ABC studios after appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ and I was wondering what most of you thought about him physically.

Do you find this actor attractive? Is it different off screen and on screen?

Is Peter hot or not?

While on Jimmy’s show, Peter admitted he just bought his daughter a piglet.

‘She’s named it Mia-ham because she loves soccer,’ he told talkshow host Jimmy Kimmel. ‘She’s going to teach it to play soccer. It’s going to be in the World Cup. It’s going to be a ball in the World Cup – that’s what it’s going to be.

Sense of humor and being a good dad counts for something right? Bonus points?

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  1. Joey99 says

    Maybe not hot, but definitely cute. He’s much better looking in real life than in Twilight. Those ridiculous blonde wigs they wear look horrible!

  2. CapturingLife says

    Yep, hot. Some of it has to do with his being such a devoted family man. And his sense of humor and the fact that he’s very down to earth and approachable. 😉

  3. KissKiss says

    Well it’d probably be a better ball than the one they are using right now…

    Oh and Peter is HOT!

  4. Anonymous says

    actually i think the hottest guy in the whole twilight series is Bella’s dad! I wish he would get more attention from the media, he’s cute…

  5. Anonymous says

    I think he’s the hottest in the series too! It’s partly a looks thing, and partly because he’s so in love with his wife and kids. That’s a very attractive trait, and I like to admire him from afar 😉