Christina Aguilera Does The Early Morning Coffee Run

Completely unrecognizable. Well, at least I wouldn’t have been able to figure out it was Christina Aguilera grabbing coffee in front of me if I was up early doing the run myself. PJS, over-sized sunglasses and a hat didn’t fool the paparazzi though.

The singer actually visited a salon PRIOR to grabbing some Joe on the go. Wonder if they opened up earlier than usual to accommodate her?

In other Aguilera news, click here to see the first shot released from Christina’s upcoming movie, ‘Burlesque’. Looks GOOD!! Are you looking forward to seeing the film?

Photos by FAME




  1. Wren says

    I can tell by your profile picture that you are the epitome of beauty and therefore perfectly qualified to judge.

  2. Wren says

    Hey, if a person can afford to buy their coffee elsewhere, more power to them. There’s also something tastier about stuff you don’t have to make yourself.

  3. Anonymous says

    don’t these people own a coffee machine? have cups in thee house? a kettle?! celebs must keep places like Starbucks in business

  4. Wren says

    Are those Starbucks cups or is she patronizing somewhere else? I thought it might be Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf but the design doesn’t look quite right.