Guess Who Signed On To Play Janis Joplin?

Unfortunately it’s not Crystal Bowersox from ‘American Idol’…. though who can really complain about Amy Adams? She is like a blank canvas – so easily transformed into any role.

What do you think?! Amy Adams as Janis Joplin! Are you a fan of the late singer? She spoke to a generation, so Amy has some BIG shoes to fill.

First ‘The Runaways’ and now this. Looks like there’s a new trend in the movie industry. Wonder who’s next?




  1. girlfeathers says

    Brittany Murphy would have been wonderful as Janis.

    RIP, Brittany.
    Love you always.

    Amy Adams… I’m doubtful.

  2. Wanda McMonagle says

    What a shame, casting a lightweight like Amy Adams for Janis Joplins’ life story. Hollywood will fuck this up like they fuck most everything else up!

    What a doggone crying shame!

  3. JBB says

    I thought Pink was going to play Janis. Pink would have been awesome and she can do the whole raw singing thing.

  4. PEARLIE says

    Brittamy Murphy’s best role was “King of the Jill”-she had “Aniston” syndrome; can only play ONE character, over n over in every film she makes…Melissa Ethredge-too old, Zooey Deschanel-NO resmblance at ALLL, and Pink? UGH!! For some reason I cringe everytime I hear her voice…maybe Amy Adams can dig down deep, get that gravely blues sound going, & actually do it. That is, IF this movie actually comes to fruition…

  5. Tia C says

    Best casting choice I’ve heard yet for this role. For a minute there was talk of Renee Zellweger playing Janis. I’m not necessarily a fan of Amy Adams, but I can see her playing Janis before Lemonface Zellweger! That’s for sure! Zooey Deschanel or Pink would be wrong for the part. Sure, she can sing, but who even knows if Pink could carry off the acting? Amy Adams is a good actress and maybe they’ll get a brilliant makeup artist to make her look more Janis-like. I’m cautiously optimistic.

  6. RR Fields says

    She did sing very well in the Disney movie Enchanted. Totally different music of course, but i”m guessing she can pull it off.

  7. PK says

    Adams is fug and looks like a gym teacher so she is definitely ugly enough to play Joplin but Adams is a mediocre, at best, actress so I highly doubt she’ll pull this off.

  8. Anonymous says

    It was Zooey Deschanel before this. She made a big stink about how it would be the only time she’d ever show her boobs in a movie.

  9. imagamble says

    hmm not gettin Janis Joplin from her. Maybe if she starts chuggin southern comfort and stays up for a couple of days. She is just way to girl next door. I’m a HUGE Janis fan, I channel her everytime I get drunk at Karaoke hehe

  10. audrey says

    Why are they making a movie about Janis Joplin? It’s not that her life wasn’t interesting and rather full of stuff that made her the legend she is, but dang–they really need to rethink the casting.

  11. KissKiss says

    I just cannot picture her as Janis Joplin! Can she even sing like her? Maybe she’ll surprise us like Joaquin Phoenix in Walk the Line, but I doubt it.

  12. Guweh says

    will this movie really ever be made? because i read about this film production for almost ten years already. first, renee zellweger wanted the role years ago when she was still hot. and then there was rumor she clashed with pink, because she wanted it too. and then i read they cast zooey deschanel. and then in season 3 of 30 rock they made fun of this with jenna maroney as janis joplin.

    two years gone by, still no movie, and now amy adams is janis joplin? i might be losing interest in this. let’s make another biopic film. let’s make joni mitchell movie instead!

  13. CapturingLife says

    God, this movie has been “in the works” for YEARS. For a long time Melissa Etheridge was gunning for the role and then there was someone else that I can’t remember. I think it’s a great way for Amy to bust out of that “sweet girl” role. :)

  14. Inkblot Sally says

    Good god, I have nothing against the young lady but what in gods name were the casting people thinking? She’s could be less Janis if she tried. I’m going to need some intense convincing.