Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Open To Adoption

Jennifer Love Hewitt is “open to” adoption. This is probably the longest that the actress has been single since we’ve first started following her. Wonder why the interviewer decided to ask the 31 year old about starting a family?

When asked if she would adopt alone, she said: “I’m absolutely open to it!”

Jennifer says she is enjoying being single, but rather be in a relationship. She told In Touch Weekly magazine:

“I feel like as a person, I am better as a couple. But I am learning a lot about myself.”

At least she’s being honest. Did you get to catch Jen in ‘The Client List’ on Monday? What did you think? I taped it and haven’t seen it yet.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Jen Love, you can have your own kids! I don’t think even if you are rich they allow a single gal to adopt. But they do allow having kids of your own alone.

    And why the hell was she dating Jamie Kennedy, boy slummin it. Even if he was on her show.

  2. jen-fan says

    Wowsers!! Women sure are bitchy when it comes to judging another female more attractive and successful than they are! Honestly Jennifer has never been known as anything but sweet, happy go-lucky and a person who wants to be happily settled down with kids. I really don’t think thats horrible. Screw the jealous hags out there who put her down!

  3. Anonymous Female says

    the quote referring to the single life can be construed as her possessing a codependent personality, which is not healthy (warps/stifles one’s understanding of oneself, the level of self esteem, can be seen in people who move from one mate to another /drama, flareups, no-we’re-perfectly-fine-tyvm, he-just-wasn’t-right-for-me-but-now-i’m-ready-to-take-the-first-step, possible new exercise routine, changing hair color/length, flurry of interviews, i’ve-found-someone-new-our-souls-are-one-i’m-in-a-higher-place, repeat process). she’s dressed like a six year old girl ready to go to her second best friend’s saturday sleepover birthday party.

  4. KissKiss says

    She sounds like this guy I went on a date with. That was both the first and the last date.

  5. Anonymous says

    what is she suppose to answer…not really, i hate kids that are not mine. of course she has to say sure im open to it. and why are people asking these stupid questions, because she’s 30 and not married people assume that she will need to adopt? we dont see this question being asked to men.

  6. hkat says

    Not sure what she is wearing, but she still looks great. I watched the Client List – it was a wee campy- but I think it was supposed to be – I liked it – She cries ALOT (reminded me of Party of 5, I think Neeve Campbell cried in every episode) , Cybil Shepard is her mom – I thought the ending was a little far fetched, but hey its Lifetime