Your Daily Lindsay Lohan Jail Update

Are you sick of these yet or is the drama in this story interesting to you?

I write these and then sit here with my fingers crossed that when Lindsay Lohan gets out of jail she’ll be a changed woman. I don’t know why, but after all these years I am still rooting for her SO hard!

Here are Dina and Ali Lohan on their way to visit Lindsay. Which is a positive thing, because her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, was just talking about how much she wishes she could see them.

It was hard for her not to see her family over the weekend. She obviously wants to see her family.”

And in more Lindsay news, inmates say she is still receiving special treatment. She was allowed to keep her extensions in, when normally all extensions or weaves are cut out upon arrival. The same fellow prisoner also said that Lindsay has had to receive medical treatment to try and calm her down.

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  1. audrey says

    Wasn’t it reported last week that a guard had to remove her extensions? There seem to be conflicting reports about Lindsay’s jail time. Wasn’t it also reported that Ali and Dina got to see her last week?

  2. Linnocent says

    Only a week or hopefully less to go.
    The sentence wasn’t fair but she just to get through it.

    Free Lindsay

  3. Ringldr says

    I am completely sick and tired off all of the attention she’s receiving. Merely by having this “celebrity status” she receives “special treatment.” You can’t tell what’s true or not with her; everything’s spun. I’ll officially be skipping each and every update on her. She’s a spoiled brat who, sadly, has idiots for parents. However, she’s an adult. Letting your history guide your present and future is childish and filled with excuses. Enough with Lindsay already.

  4. brob says

    please stop posting about this trainwreck! she isnt worth the attention. and we finally have a break from her antics while she is in jail. I wish we wouldnt hear anything more about her until she becomes clean/sober.