Pictures Released Showing Angelina Jolie In A Dog Collar After Drug Binge

Star Magazine has an issue on newsstands that most people won’t forget. They are claiming to have 9 pictures of Angelina Jolie looking rather racy from her past. I’m talking dog collars and nipple tape.

In one set, the now-mother of six has black tape over her nipples and a dog leash around her neck. Others show her during a 14-hour heroin-smoking bender.

“The photographs are a startling reminder to Angelina of a period in her life I’m sure she wants to forget, a shady piece of her history that she’s kept hidden away, even from Brad,” celebrity biographer Andrew Morton, author of Angelina: An Unauthorized Biography, tells Star in our cover story.

YIKES! The media just can’t give this girl a break! Be honest – do you want to see those shots? I might breeze through while at the supermarket. They’ve caught my attention.

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  1. meme says

    the woman is a master manipulator. she’s never been hardcore anything. it’s all part of her plan. that it worked is a commentary on our times.

  2. meme says

    hmmm, i don’t think a truly great mother would raise a daughter who would debase herself like this. and what about st. angie ho losing her virginity at 14 and mom giving her bedroom to daughter and her BF? the milk ain’t clean people.

  3. meme says

    saint my ass. we live in a delusional warped society that would make a saint out of this skank.

  4. anwashington says

    This isn’t new. She’s said openly that she used heroin, amongst other drugs…. and would ANYONE here be surprised to see her in a dog collar? It was a few years ago she was french kissing billy bob & bragging about how they were doing it in the limo on the way to the awards show… She’s always been a little “racy”…

  5. I know! says

    The loons and media would always find a way to defend this homewrercker and a druggie , but when they saw a headline of Jen having a friendly dinner on a married friend or just promoting her movies.. they beat her up with their nasty comments.

  6. Anonymous says

    Truth is she has never denied being a slut and homewrecker. But she does try really hard for people to forget.

  7. Anonymous says

    i’m sure it sucks for her cause no one would want these type of pictures actually made public, but like most comments have already said, it’s really no big schock. she’s always been upfront about her drugs and wild past.

  8. I know! says

    The loons and media would always find a way to defend this homewrercker and a druggie , but when they saw a headline of Jen having a friendly dinner on a married friend or just promoting her movies.. they beat her up with their nasty comments

  9. Anonymous says

    This to shall pass. if opra’s autobio passed without making a dent this sh*t will pass the same. Angie will rise on top once again. I am sure she doesn’t even care about it

  10. Anonymous says

    I don’t ever recall Angie going to rehab or get any professional help to kick off her drugs habit – I thought they’re were addictive – and I’m talking hard drugs. So one day she decided to stop doing drugs and become the Mother Theresa saving the world – just like that?? Impossible. Her PR team are working hard to clean up her image and everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie and she’s a fake! She is a manipulater. Sure we all have a past but my past does not involved tongue kissing my brother, wearing man’s blood in a vial around my neck, cutting myself, lesbian affair, sleeping with mom’s boyfriend at 14, cheating with several married men, heavy drug used and so on….she’s a psychopath.

  11. rita says

    it wouldn’t cahge a dime. She never hidden her past. People will stilml go to see her movies so why would she care? She had everythhing she wanted, brad, kids, awards, success, wealth and respect form her pairs in Hollywood! Nobody gives a shit about her past I for one will continue to watch her movies! So what she had a past, I thought nobody was parfect, she never pretended she was a saitn, it’s peeople who want to pretend she said so…

  12. Scruffy says

    Big deal. We all know she dabbled in unusual behaviour, so f**n what. I’m sick of people trying to drag her down.

  13. Anonymous says

    I agree, there will always be a way to defend Angelina’s behaviour. She is a saint to all who worship her and will just sweep anything bad under the carpet.

  14. ANN Jackson says

    Just sick bored of all these hypocritical comments tagging Angie as a homewrecker, etc…Brad Pitt, the married element at the beginning of their relationship is never to blame……Isn’t he HIM the strayer, the culprit of Aniston’s despair???? It looks like all these slagging anti Angie comments we find everywhere on the Net are made by envious, frustrated ( mostly I bet ) females & males, who would love to be in her shoes….even for just one night…

  15. Anonymous says

    Who the f**k cares? Didn’t she already talk about her “wild” past a billion times before.

  16. switchstance5 says

    I don’t really think the media is that hard on Angelina. They’re harder on people like Aniston. She gets a beating every time! It’s awful.

  17. meme says

    The media would hate St. Angie Ho if they knew her real politics (she ain’t an Obama fan). I have a feeling Jennifer will end up the happiest.

  18. I know! says

    I know! the loons and media would always find a way to defend this homewrercker and a druggie , but when they saw a headline of Jen having a friendly dinner on a married friend or just promoting her movies.. they beat her up with their nasty comments

  19. Anonymous says

    I doubt they are authentic. WHY would the owner wait this many years to release them? We know she has a wild past – so they aren’t anything outrageous or some big secret we didn’t know.

  20. meme says

    St AngieHo doesn’t have any secrets because she’s been yakking nonstop for years about herself. Her favorite subject is herself. The woman never shuts up.

  21. Anonymous says

    She sure has an odd way of trying to hide her past. She’s been talking about it for the last decade. I will totally look at he pictures tho. I’ve always thought she was hotter in her crazier days and if brad doesn’t want her anymore because of the racy pix I’m sure she won’t have a problem finding a someone new. Lol

  22. Anonymous says

    My dear, Aniston is already the happiest. You can just look at her and she radiates happiness, contentment in life. She looks radiant, happy and healthy. She has long lasting friends in and out the industry. Everyone that has something to say about Aniston always say what a great human being she is. Im happy for her because she did not let a man determine her path, she has always been in charge of her life and choices….not the same about Jolie who has to try everything to find a little piece of contentment. I believe thats the only reason Jolie tries so hard to make sure everyone belives this “happy life” she thinks she has now. She could have husband, kids and that doesnt mean happiness….ask all the divorced women and single parents.

  23. Anonymous says

    Is this Jennifer posting here??? Hey Jen, how are you??? It has to be you, cuz no one would be this naive about themselves except you Babe!

  24. Moreaces says

    Also, that people just in general grow up, and leave behind childish behaivor… she has admitted to most everthing people have said about her.. I dont find it at all shocking.

  25. Anonymous says

    I think its actually kinda good because it shows how people can get their life back and change after being addicted

  26. Anonymous says

    You damn right im NOT your mother, a daughter of mine wouldnt be stupid to post/take embarrassing pictures of her…plus we are probably around the same age :). Im not saying everyone is perfect but is like when someone tattoos their boyfriend’s name and then bitch about it when the loser is no longer around but they are stuck with the tattoo..see stupid decisions dont go away with time, some of them stick specially if you take a picture of it. A motherly advise, be a bad/naughty girl all you want but dont take/post embarrassing/naked pictures that you might/WILL regret later.

  27. Anonymous says

    So true!!! I keeping thinking how I wouldn’t want ALL the pictures taken throughout my youth posted anywhere or everywhere, mainly because I HAVE grown up and past it all. And that consideration should be given to everyone, no matter who they are.

  28. Anonymous says

    Disagree!! We shouldnt have consideration for all those women that willingly send or post embarrassing/naked pictures of themselves. Those women deserve all the negative feedback they get now, and 10-20yrs from now…because if they were stupid enough to take a picture then share it then its their fault. And i dont buy the “I was young and stupid” excuse, because that shows they didnt own to their actions and they are still stupid.

  29. Anonymous says

    Wow, so no matter how far you progress in your life, you shouldn’t ever get credit for having moved on and matured??? Well, I guess there is NO reason for anyone to make changes in their lives, grow up, etc…. Glad you weren’t my mother!!! And I am not a big Jolie fan, just a fan of human nature and how people change over time.

  30. NeNe says

    Everybody has read about her wild past, so nobody should be shoked or surprised. I have a feeling that Brad might be fine with these photos.