Jessica Biel Adds Some Color!

YES! This is what I’m talking about: Jessica Biel finally opted for some color. Look at those lips :)

Here’s Jessica at ‘The A-Team’ premiere in Berlin. Her dress (which I really like, by the way) is a neutral grayish blue (livened up with some sparkle), but she finally added some color with the lipstick. I think she looks great.

Wonder if Jessica’s stylist saw all of our raised hands? LOL I’m kidding, of course, but raise your hand again if you’re a fan of this look.

I certainly am!

Photos by FAME and




  1. Anonymous says

    I can’t stand her top lip…it’s HUGE! It looks like an upside down smile(frown). It’s just the top lip though, creepy. Also, I agree with #1 – Her eyes look tiny & tired now with those popping bright red (GIANT) lips…Haha her lips remind me of those wax lips you used to wear as a kid. L.M.A.O. Anyway. She just needs some eyeliner and that might help take the attention off her (obnoxiously injected) top lip.

  2. I'm not Anonymous says

    So close! Her rear end looks like one of those joke shirts where they paint a bare ass on the back.

  3. smp209 says

    glad she finally used some color, but i feel like that shade of red doesn’t match her skin tone. definitely a step in the right direction tho!