Courteney Cox And Busy Philipps Film Scenes For ‘Cougar Town’

Courteney Cox and her ‘Cougar Town’ co-star Busy Philipps spent the day shooting scenes for season 2 of their hit show.

Toward the end of season one there was talk of changing the show’s title since it evolved into more of an ensemble show than a cougar/dating themed one. Co-creator Bill Lawrence says that the name change isn’t happening because they couldn’t come up with anything good enough.

“there’s too much evidence that it’s an exclusionary title” — but no one came up with anything good enough. “I liked the name ‘Sunshine State,’ but then ‘Mr. Sunshine’” — starring Cox’s former “Friends” husband, Matthew Perry — “got picked up,” he notes. “We couldn’t really put anything with ‘Friends’ in it, because to me it seemed too much like cheating. ‘Family Jules’ was out there, but I’m like, why not just call the show ‘Balls’? [laughs] … I think it would have been a bigger fight if we had cracked it, but we never did.”

In other ‘Cougar Town’ news: There may be some truth to Jennifer Aniston making an appearance on the show. In an interview she was asked about it and she had this to say:

“That’s an old rumor, isn’t it?” she coyly said when asked if she’d guest-star. “I’ll do anything for Courteney. That is known, of course.”

Sounds like a “yes” to me. :)

Well, it’s good to know that we won’t need to change our DVR settings for a new name! Are you getting excited for the fall shows to get going again??

Photos by FAME



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