Photo: Ali Fedotowsky Smoking A Bong


You never think you that time in college is going to come back and bite you… but for Ali Fedotowsky it most certainly has. Star Magazine has pictures of ‘The Bachelorette’ smoking out of a bong. What’s more shocking is that dark brown hair color!! I MUCH rather see Ali as a blonde! (j/k)

A source is claiming that Ali is and always will be a party girl.

“Ali was a total crazy party girl and still is, an insider tells Star. “It’s about time the truth about her came out!”

In fact, Star has seen several shots of Ali formerly a brunette in the presence of drug paraphernalia. In our Aug. 19 issue, we reveal Ali’s secret diary of letters, detailing booze benders, marijuana and ecstasy hazes as well as kinky sex desires.

The insider adds, “Her whole girl-next-door schtick was just a way to get into the spotlight.”

What do you think? Is this going to make matters worse for Ali? Or skyrocket her status in Hollywood? It’s like backwards-ville over there. The bad always promotes better than the good.

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  1. DJ says

    Seriously- Who DIDN’T smoke a little pot in college? Nearly everyone does it, but not everyone’s experiments get reported in the news. It’s so sad how people only like to report the bad things. Why can’t we just focus on that she’s changed, and that she’s happy with her life right now.

  2. Jack109 says

    OMG really, she smoked pot in college? That’s so breaking news….. YAWN, get over it, a lot of people did that.

  3. Anonymous says

    Who the hell cares if she smoked a little pot? Seriously, it’s not that big a deal. I don’t care about any celeb smoking marijuana, except that it makes me happy they show the world that a huge percentage of the population smokes up from time to time…even our oh so perfect celebs. Just legalize it already so we don’t have to hear this so called “news”.

  4. Anonymous says

    It’s “I’d much rather” not “I much rather”…sorry but that mistake shows up so much on this blog…

  5. Armalyana says

    I believe people can change over the years.
    College years have people do partying or discovering things they like and dislike in life. We do thing when we are younger that we would not do once 30 or 40… and we do things at 30 that we would not do at 60. It’s part of growing and learning.

    I think she was true to herself and changed through the years and now people are seeing pictures of her when she was younger and discovering things and having fun like kids that age do.

    I don’t believe you can judge.