Bill O’Reilly Says Jennifer Aniston Is Destructive To Society

Talk about backlash! I don’t think Jennifer Aniston knew that her comments about having children without a father present would have such an impact on the media. Yesterday, some quotes were released from media personalities reprimanding the actress. Today we have Bill O’Reilly being particularly upset with Jen.

“She’s throwing a message out to 12-year-olds and 13-year-olds that, ‘Hey you don’t need a guy. You don’t need a dad.’ That is destructive to our society,”

There’s a video here in case you want to see the segment.

What do you think about what Jen said? Was she just trying to promote her movie? Was she speaking very generally but really talking about her own situation? Or do you think she was trying to put out the message that dads aren’t really needed? I most certainly don’t think the latter is true.




  1. Anonymous says

    Are the crude comments about OReilly and the foul lauguage on this story a reflection of a society that doesn’t believe in family values? Can’t wait to see the future of society if that’s the case…
    Come on people, it’s a comment based upon a comment. The insults in some of the comments are unbelievable and just down right nasty.

  2. Anonymous says

    “****MESSAGE TO ALL SINGLE MOTHERS****: working full time and raising your child(ren) alone is good. i’ma let you finish, but wrapping your lips around the nearest penis is the best family situation OF ALL TIME. there are things most children can only learn from an adult with a penis. i’m not saying you’re not good enough, but you’ll always be second best at best.”

  3. rita says

    I am not a Republican by any means, buit I truly believe that every child should have a male or father figure besides his mother. Of course if your da was abusive or is dead or walk out of your life, I get, but everyone deserves 2 parents a mother and a father. That’s the reason why even though I have nothing against gay marriage I am agains gay paople adopting,it doesn’t mean I am homophobic but that it’s important a child have both a male and female figure! Just my 2 cents…

  4. Anonymous says

    I think we all know our share of losers raised in a two parent (mom and dad) family. Heck, at least 10 of them posted on this thread. The trouble is not who raised you, the trouble is how were you raised. A big fail for some of you.

  5. Anonymous says

    Bill should STFU! Give hime some reality pill! People should be able to live their life how ever they want as long they’re not hurting anyone or breaking the law.

  6. mariagabrielab says

    I don’t think Jen said that men are not necessary in a child life. She is pointing the obvious, that in today’s world it’s an option to have a child without another parent. She is talking also about the story of the movie. Maybe you agree that’s ok maybe you think there should be always two parents, or a dad; but either way, why attack Jennifer? Also, didn’t Jennifer Lopez do a movie just like this 4 months ago? This guy is all about publicity.

  7. Anonymous says

    There are some subcultures in which young people believe the only thing they will ever accomplish in their lives is to be a high-status person’s baby mamma. Others come from backgrounds in which their only source of identity and pride is parenthood and the respect they are awarded by being suddenly propelled into the world of serious responsibility, which many mistake for adulthood. It’s all of society’s fault that some young people believe being a parent is their only ticket to some kind of social status. Irresponsible celebrities who can afford to buy and adopt children only feed this delusion.

    The facts are that most teenage mothers close off many options in their lives, and most working-class teenagers will have a very difficult time functioning economically if they become parents. Rich celebrities are completely out of touch with the reality of single parenthood for those with little education and few financial resources. Let the overpaid celebrity child collectors live for a few years in the shoes of a 17-year-old from the barrio who finds herself pregnant before she has finished high school.

  8. Cass1 says

    the ideal situation is for a husband and a wife to raise a child together in a loving home. It doesnt always happen like that, but it should. And I dont think these teeenagers need any encouragement, they’re getting pregnant all on their own without any celeb’s comments

  9. audrey says

    Wow talk about overkill from the right wing media. If it isn’t a backlash against gay marriages, it is this obvious threat from a third rate actress who is promoting a movie about a character who uses alternative measures to conceive a child. Yep, a real danger to society! I bet every 12 and 13 year old is lined up outside the sperm bank in their city this morning because of a quote by Jennifer Aniston. Bill O’reilly is an idiot.

  10. Anonymous says

    I love Jennifer but I think Bill is 100% RIGHT!! She needs to take her comments back and be responsible. Celebrities need to think about the wide variety of people that look up to them before they speak. She might think its ok for her because she has plenty of money but the people look at her and say well that is the cool thing to not be married and to not have a father for the child but in most peoples lives they dont have the money to support that life style and we end up paying for stupid peoples mistakes!!! I’m sick of paying for MORONS!! Single mothers that smoke and buy all the nice clothes and have tattoos and they get a welfare check because they are not resposible human beings. Not to mention the poor kids that suffer for not having a mommy and a DADDY!

  11. Judyh0311 says

    Man these folks will jump on anything won’t they? How stupid can you get??? I too agree with Anonymous, “Intelligent people get it”.

  12. Squirrel says

    juli8875 – you are a stupid Christian Right wingnut. Please keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself

  13. Squirrel says

    Why don’t you watch YOUR mouth? Watch is stay shut, for example… you stupid Christian Conservabot

  14. Anonymous says


  15. Anonymous says

    Intelligent people do get it. I think it’s unfair for anyone to judge someone else’s choices. I have several older single friends (put their careers first who have not found the right person yet), who desperately want children, but are alone. Why should they be denied the joys of motherhood? As long as these women are loving, nurturing parents who can afford the costs of raising children and who will ensure the child has exposure to a positive male role model, I don’t see why they shouldn’t have children. Besides I know several single Mom’s who are doing a better job than several 2 parent households! Btw, I am a single mother who has given my children everything they could possible ever need (financially, emotionally etc) and I did it all without a man. Thank you very much!!!

  16. Ha says

    That you need to resort to name calling simply shows the lack of strength to your argumen. There is nothing wrong with being a Christian. The very basis for Christianity is to treat people well and respect the idea of family. I don’t disagree that a father is a necessary component of a family – or at least he should be. Statistics show that children who are raised in a two parent household are more well-adjusted and able to function in society than those who are not. Bill O’Reilly, who says things simply to get a reaction (way to fall for it, btw) is off base calling what Jennifer Aniston said dangerous, but only to a degree. He is also correct.

  17. juli8875 says

    I agree with Jen’s statement and am also a Christian Republican. Watch your mouth…ignorance is bliss in your case

  18. celine33 says

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  19. rita says

    Dumbass! She adopted Maddox with Billy Bob just because he was an ass of a man and left raising Maddox by herself, doesn’t mean she adopted him alone. She also adopted Zahara with Brad. You should check your info first.

  20. Anonymous says

    I don’t see anything in the comment about who she adopted or didn’t adopt Maddox with, the comment simply states she was a single mom when she met Brad………try reading the actual comment before you get all excited.

  21. Anonymous says

    I think people over react to EVERYTHING now in a society where ironically less people have morals than ever before. She wasnt saying go out and get pregnant at 14 without a father. I think intellegent people ‘get it’.

  22. Anonymous says

    Um, you do need a man a.k.a “his kind” to fertilize an egg. Last I checked sperm isn’t cobbled together in a lab.

  23. Jan says

    lol if this was true how could so many woman adopt children without a father figure ( Sheryl Crow, Angelina, Sandra Bullock etc ) or even go to a sperm bank and buy a baby? Just because you do not agree with something doesnt mean it isnt true. Bill is a throw back to cavemen days. He just got his panties in bunch because hes “all man” and cant imagine people dont need him and his kind. I agree with anonymous – intelligent people “get it”

  24. Darky says

    Dear Bill,

    When Jennifer Aniston talks, she is always addressing 12-13 year old girls. You are so intelligent to pick up on that. Thanks for translating her words for us. Hope this got you the press and attention you need.

    So as a recap: If you’re 12 or 13 years old. Get pregnant witha guy you KNOW will not be around.

    Thanks Bill

    man, I would love to know why this is blowing up. If you read what Aniston said, she clearly says nothing about not needing a father. A positive role model is just that. man or woman. Should we also shun all lesbian couples away from having kids since they aren’t males?

  25. Anonymous says

    Jen is a man hater, hence the reason she can’t keep a man long term in her life. Brad left her because she didn’t want children and Angelina loved children, so off he went. Why is Jen wanting a child now? She is a wacko.

  26. Anonymous says

    I think you and bill should hook up! talk about wacko :) And you’re quite right Brad did leave her for ……….oh here it is …a woman who was yikes a single mom

  27. Mondayblues says

    How stupid is he? How stupid is anyone that can’t understand how it was meant? It scares me that the dumbasses walk among us.