Mischa Barton On Vacation In St. Tropez

Mischa Barton was photographed as she relaxed on a yacht in St. Tropez with her boyfriend, Lee Tinklin.

She seems to be smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette. Perhaps she started rolling her own cigarettes? 😉 In other vacation news…Mischa looks less stressed than she normally does. It’s a good look for her.

What do you think about those pockets on her denim shorts?

Photos by INF




  1. Anonymous says

    These pics show someone is standing right next to her and the others. Either she’s hanging out with a pretty shady group (who would sell pics like this so fast ) or maybe they’re staged. Weird.

  2. Anonymous says

    hahahah it’s 2010…. smoking weed does not make you SHADY or SKETCHY or anything like that.