Christina Ricci Says Robert Pattinson Is An “Awesome” Kisser

I’m sure Twilight fans are happy to hear this!! Christina Ricci thinks Robert Pattinson is an “awesome” kisser. The pair locked lips in their upcoming movie ‘Bel Ami’ and Christina couldn’t help but mention his… skills.

It was really fun, I mean aesthetically we wore amazing costumes and hair and make-up was great. And working with Rob was amazing. He’s such a great guy, so talented.

He’s just great. We’d make fun of each other the whole time, like ‘Oh my God, we’re so goofy or, ‘My accent is so bad!’

Discussing how good a kisser he was, she said: ‘Um yeah. He is pretty much awesome.’

After working with the famous vampire, Christina now understands the obsession people have with Rob. She told E! Online:

I understand where they’re coming from. He’s an awesome human being. He’s so funny and quirky and weird.

Christina even admitted that Kristen Stewart came to visit Rob on set while they were filming in Budapest.

Yeah she visited. I love her, she is totally sweet. And he is great!

Are you looking forward to watching ‘Bel Ami’?
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  1. Anonymous says

    I hope she is smarter than she sounds… Maybe they caught her off guard with those questions, but she sounds like an airhead. I still think she is an okay actor, but wow! She needs to brush up on her interview skills.

  2. CapturingLife says

    Bel Ami was a terrific story, and I’m looking forward to the movie. I hope they did it justice.