Report: Paris Hilton Snubbed Kim Kardashian At Private Party

What is going on here? Rumor has it that Paris Hilton snubbed Kim Kardashian at a showbiz party. While celebrating the second anniversary party of LAVO in Las Vegas on Friday the pair completely ignored one another… DESPITE being seated at the same table. A source told

Paris arrive at around 3am and was on the same table as Kim but they remained frosty and didn’t look at each other or even speak.

Kim took the high road and tweeted what a wonderful time she had at the party.

“What a fun night in Vegas with @JonathanCheban!!! In LA already but might go back for round 2!

What do you think? Did these two really ignore one another? Or is HL trying to start a rumor?

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  1. Moreaces says

    Well, there wouldn’t be a Kim Kardashian without a Paris Hilton.
    I wish they both would go away.

  2. CapturingLife says

    I wonder if Paris has some jealousy about Kim’s “success”. Kim is in the media 24/7 and has all of these shows, and product endorsements and who knows what else. I’m just taking a guess. LOL

  3. audrey says

    They haven’t been friends for quite some time now. Paris kicked Kim to the curb when she spoke about her in a TV interview on one of the entertainment shows. Paris doesn’t like any one using her name to further themselves. That is most likely what was behind her rift with Nicole Richie, and was the cause of her severed ties with Lindsay.


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