Kellan Lutz’ Mom Encourages Him To Be A Role Model

Kellan Lutz may or may not take his position as a role model seriously, but his mother definitely does. After spotting pictures of her son smoking, she called him up…and chewed him out!

“You’re a role model for young people. You can’t be smoking those filthy things!”

She then mailed Kellan a package full of nicotine patches and gum to the set of Immortals, with a note that read DO THE RIGHT THING.

His co-stars say that he’s still been taking cigarette breaks.

I’m not saying that smoking is a good thing, but it’s definitely better that he does it in private, where his young fans won’t see, right?

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  1. Anonymous says

    He is an adult. If he wants to smoke, he should be able to smoke anywhere he wants to. It’s not his responsibility to keep kids from smoking.

  2. Anony. says

    I totally agree with the first post. He’s a grown man! Its not his place to try & stop young teen from smoking. He is his own person, He can do whatever he wants. Yes smoking isnt good for you, but to put all the pressure on him & other young celebs isnt good either. Because I see him smoking that doesnt make me want to pick it up too cause he’s doing it. It’ll be my choice.

  3. Anonymous says

    The only thing I’d say was a bit hypocritical is the fact that he talks about being healthy ALL the time. I’m big into working out and health and I don’t see how anyone who is supposedly also dedicated to that, is okay knowing he or she is poisoning his or her body.