Brad Pitt Talks About What He Loves About New Orleans

Brad Pitt sounds like he’s genuinely fallen in love with the city of New Orleans! He shared some of the things he’s come to like about the city since getting involved in helping the community after Hurricane Katrina.

“We used to eat a lot at the Verti Marte,” Pitt tells the Times-Picayune. “A little bitty market with great shrimp po-boys that I couldn’t get enough of. It recently had a fire problem. But after that, we like Irene’s a lot. Antoine’s and the Windsor Court. There are so many. But in general, shrimp po-boys. I order them everywhere.”

Po-boys are some great sandwiches :) More than that, though, the actor seems to enjoy being part of the community.

“In New Orleans, the people are great,” he says. “We can just live and breathe and ride bikes. We can take our kids on bike rides, and local people just give us a shout-out and let us move on. … Everybody treats us like neighbors.”

He also said he liked the music and, of course, the New Orleans’ Saints football team :)

Photos by INF




  1. Meeeeeee says

    Well, almost as skinny as Angie nowdays but it is not her. It is outline of the iceman, Ötzi, found in an Italian glacier in 1991.

  2. KissKiss says

    It’s great what he does for the city.

    But is that tattoo on his arm an outline of Angelina?

  3. Jeannified says

    Love it that they get to be like normal citizens and enjoy living there. Hope they end up spending more time there soon!

  4. Anonymous says

    i wonder what it means that he has ötzi on his arm. maybe he thinks he is his reincarnation? hahaha, i wouldn’t doubt that he actually does.