Snooki’s Boyfriend Sort Of Pops The Question On Magazine Cover

‘Jersey Shore’ star Snooki might be rocking a bit of bling in the near future, if her boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, has anything to say about it. The Iraqi war vet spoke with Steppin’ Out magazine about his feelings for Snooki and hopes for their future.

“I want us to be together forever,” Miranda reportedly tells the magazine.

“I could see us having children. I want to pop the question to her. If we got married, we would be the best parents around. She’s so loving and puts everyone else before herself. She’ll be a great mother.”

He even posed for the magazine cover on one knee, shirtless, in his army fatigues.

“I will never break her heart,” he says. “She’s such a great girl. If people could see us together they would think we’re a match made in heaven. People think I’m using her for fame. But that’s bulls**t.”

I think it would be sweet, if only I hadn’t read this little article on RadarOnline. RadarOnline reports that Jeff has a shaky past, which includes a restraining order that keeps him from his ex-girlfriend after he allegedly held a shotgun to her head. The court documents that the ex filed included scary statements like this:

threatened to burn plaintiff’s house down while she slept, threatened to cut plaintiff’s brakes, defendant threatened plaintiff by stating “if you cheat on me or break up with me you have a hole dug for you already.”

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  1. Anonymous says

    from reading previous articles in the tabloids, the being on the left is in fact a woman… but every photo i see tells my eyes otherwise.