Kate Winslet’s New Boyfriend Is Talking

Kate Winslet’s new boyfriend says he is very happy with her.

Model Louis Dowler, who began dating the Oscar-winning actress in June, opened up at the Virgin Media V Festival in Chelmsford to Grazia magazine:

I feel really happy at the moment, although Kate’s not coming today, unfortunately. So I’m here with friends having a relaxing day out. Kate’s in Reading visiting family this weekend but I’m going to meet up with her on Sunday or Monday, which will be great.

Sources close to Kate say the pair are a great fit.

We all thought it was just going to be a fling, but it’s been going on a couple of months now and they seem to be getting closer and closer. Louis is making Kate really happy, he is just the kind of guy you want around if you’ve been going through a tough time, as he really looks out for the people he cares for.

We love Kate so it’s nice to hear that she is happy.
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