Michael Douglas Says His Throat Cancer Was Caused By Drinking

Michael Douglas believes his throat cancer was caused by drinking alcohol. Unfortunately, it is being said that the disease in at an “advanced state”. I am so sorry for his family.

“I’ve got cancer. I found out about three weeks ago. It’s throat cancer.

I smoked cigarettes and I drank and this particular type of cancer is caused by alcohol drinking.”

Michael opened up to David Letterman about chemo:

It’s intense, and so they’ve got to go at it. You’d like to be down at stage one, but it has not, the big thing you’re always worried about is it spreading, I am head and neck, nothing’s gone down, and the expectations are good.

“I would hate to say, but right now, it looks like it should be 80 per cent and, with certain hospitals and everything, it does improve.”

The “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps” star admits he is in pain from the treatment.

It hurts, it comes and goes in waves. It knocks you out really hard.

Wishing him a speedy recovery. Hopefully the chemo will be effective.
Photos by WENN.com