Hugh Grant Celebrates His 50th Birthday

Is that correct? Could this be possible? Hugh Grant is 50? That means I am in my mid-30s and that just can’t …. oh wait. Darn. :)

Here’s Hugh leaving JSheeky Oaster Bar in London over the weekend. His actual bday is on Thursday – perhaps he started partying early.

According to IMDB he hasn’t had film work since 2009 and has no plans for the near future. A week long celebration fits right into that schedule.

Here’s the question ladies: Does Hugh still have it?

Photos by INF




  1. cindy says

    I love Hugh Grant. He reminds me of Cary Grant.
    He has to play opposite the right actress. Sarah Jessica Parker was not right for him. Julie Roberts was good but not great. I will always love him in movies whatever is going on in his personal life.

  2. CapturingLife says

    yep, I agree with KissKiss, there’s just that “something”. He’s not overly sexy, but I think the sense of humor raises up whatever that “thing” is about him. :)

  3. AliceW says

    Wow, he’s quite generous… a £50 tip?
    But he doesn’t age very well in my opinion. I’ve seen much younger looking 50 year olds!

  4. dholmas says

    My husband turned 64 last month and looks better than Hugh. Nothing like marrying an older man.