Carrie Underwood Opens Up To ‘Women’s Health Magazine’

Carrie Underwood opened up to Women’s Health magazine in the October issue about married life- it’s her two month wedding anniversary today! She also chatted about her idea of a perfect day and living a “normal” life despite being a chart-topping Hollywood superstar.

On her personality:
“I’m the most normal person in the universe”

On getting engaged: “I was so excited that five minutes had elapsed before I even looked at the ring!”

On married life:
“A lot like dating. Sometimes our schedules will click, sometimes they won’t. But that’s good because we’re both independent.”

On going to Canada: “I love going to game, cheering for my man. When I come home, I’m accused of picking up the Canadian accent”

On not living more of a “Hollywood” life: “I’m not the kind of person who does crazy things”

On a perfect day: “I’d sleep in a little, work out, do laundry, run errands, buy presents for people with birthday’s coming up. I like it when I don’t have to be anywhere, and anything I do is my choice.”

I love how working out and doing laundry is part of Carrie’s perfect day! :) Would those be part of yours?




  1. Anonymous says

    I think days where you have nothing to do but laundry and working out are the best kind. I go to university full time, work part time (more like full time), coach two teams and when I have a day where absolutely nothing is going on (basically a holiday) I looooooove it. Id take laundry and working out and doing nothing anyday!

  2. Anonymous says

    Faith hill never saw her coming! Once this chick-adee hit the scene Faith became obsolete,it seems… the tell – tell sign, was when Carrie won her first award over Faith;& the cameras caught Faith’s reaction; Which showed Faith flipping out(live)back stage & she tried to cover it up by pretending she was joking! Ha! Talk about drama and jealous rage!