Kristen Stewart Quit School At 13!

Kristen Stewart, the star of the incredibly popular Twilight films reveals in an interview with the Daily Telegraph website that she quit school at 13!

“I was glad to leave school. I was missing a lot of classes and they were failing me.”

“I couldn’t relate to kids my own age. They are mean and don’t give you any chance. Once you have done with school, you realise that it is just a smaller version of life, and really I have felt that I should have been an adult since I was aged about five.”

“I remember when I turned 18 everyone asked me if I felt more mature, but I felt the same as I always did. Juggling work and school, and helping my mother; I’ve always had a lot of responsibility.”

The actress was only 9 when she landed her first movie role, and told the website that she was often judged in school because of her big screen success, even though she wouldn’t talk about it to her classmates.

“I didn’t walk around talking about doing movies but then someone saw an old movie I was in, ‘The Safety of Objects’, and realised that the little boy in it had grown up into this girl’s. And then I got a lot of, ‘She’s such a b***h!”

Wow, I think it must be hard to be ‘that kid’ in school that all the other kids are jealous of, but 13 seems kinda young to me to quit school! Although I’m sure she was homeschooled, and it certainly hasn’t seemed to effect her success! I guess she definitely got the last laugh! Would you let your child quit school early if they were being judged, or would you make them stick it out?

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  1. Anonymous says

    “High school is tough for everyone, what else is new?”

    You should really think before posting. I don’t know about Kristen’s experience, but some kids are bullied, and that’s BRUTAL. For those kids, school is like hell, and too many kids have killed themselves because of the extreme bullying they’ve suffered. My brother was insulted daily, they used to kick his head, bite him, steal his food, tell the rest of the kids not to talk to him, etc. And you have NO FUC*ING IDEA of how heartbreaking it is to see someone you love so much suffer such a pain. It’s not the head-ache because of the kicks, it’s not that he has NOBODY to play with, it’s that you see that a happy kid has turned into a lonely, sad boy just because some idiots think it’s cool to make him suffer!

    My brother had to leave that school and go to another one, and thinks got better. But the pain caused at that age (6-10 years old) never leaves. It changes people, it really does, and those kids are NEVER the same. Most of the childhood memories the have are horrible, sad.

    So before you speak, think, cause what you just said IS NOT F*CKING FUNNY!

  2. Anonymous says

    and your a classic case of being judgemental.i love how you think you know how kristen thinks seeing as you know her personally right?

  3. Anonymous says

    High school is tough for everyone, what else is new? She had the privilege to drop out and money to be tutored privately ’cause few of the kids were picking on her, while the majority has to suck it up and endure high school drama in order to get ahead in life. Plus they learn a thing or two in the process. But hey, KStew knows her sh*t, right?

  4. lea says

    If you actually read the interview she said she couldn’t do the two things at the same time anymore; meaning she was missing too much classes and it was hard to follow up so she needed someone on set with her instead of going to school.

    But guess what, she seems just find in her life, she has a job, seing how many people are unemployed out there, she is doing find. She had a career and can go back to shool if she needs.

  5. Mell says

    She is a perfect example of narcissism. She thinks she’s special compared to everyone else which is why she quit school and why she acts like a spoiled brat in interviews – the rules don’t apply to her. Guess what Kstew – you’re not special. You’re an average person just like the rest of us. The only difference is you were born into the right family and they indulged your every whim.

    • John says

      actually, i don’t believe she acts that way. Compared to all the barbie stars like Paris Hilton etc. she acts much more mature than others. She was tutored and home schooled. I think she just quit the actual public school but didn’t stop getting an education.

  6. Anonymous says

    This journalist needs to do his/her homework. Kristen was homeschooled & tutored on the set. She graduated on the Twilight set & joked about how she filmed her graduation scene as Bella the same time she graduated in real life. People are just jealous that she’s Robert Pattinson’s real life girlfriend.

  7. Anonymous says

    I like Kristin. I think sometimes her silly comments are due to her age as well as lack of confidence. She does appear to be really shy.

  8. Any Mouse says

    Government schools are the LAST place you want to educate your child. Particularly if they’re at all different than the norm. You’re just cattle in a government school and any of the cattle that act out are bludgeoned into conformity, either by school administration or the capos that are the “popular” kids.

    KStew’s parents showed that they cared about her when they took her out of what was obviously an abusive environment. Homeschooled kids learn more in way, way less time. When you take all the filler and BS out of the typical government school day (most of the day is spent on keeping order and maintaining conformity of action, and thought) there’s not much time for actual learning.

  9. Juliia says

    i guess the only problem quitting school and obviously getting homeschooled caused is her lack of social competence.

    • John says

      She actually doesn’t have a lack of social competence. I think it’s because of all the harrasing fans. Don’t you find it a bit sad. Privacy is gone just in one quick second.

  10. Anonymous says

    i don’t know why any of you are surprised at her ignorance. she is an american teenager after all.

  11. anon says

    I don’t know why everyone is focusing on the academic side of schooling, you can get just as a good of an education at home and with private tutors. However, school is critical for building social competence and interpersonal skills, which Kristen Stewart clearly lacks! It is unhealthy for a teenager to develop in a world full of grown ups – adolescents need peers to teach them about what is acceptable behavior at their age and what isn’t. I know some people will disagree with me, but I am currently doing my PhD in developmental psychology, and I can tell you that ample research corroborates the importances of peers during adolescence!

  12. says

    That’s Kirsten’s decision, though. Anyway, a lot of girls are often jealous whenever the shy girl gets to be part of something really great – that’s true. But I hope Kirsten goes back to school or something because sometimes, you just can’t predict it – you may or may not lose your career. It’s nice to have a fall back when everything else is gone.

  13. Anonymous says

    the majority of your comments are ignorant and foolish. Stop and do your research before you start talking about something you don’t know anything about. Too many stupid comments above. I suggest you try using your so called education for a first.

  14. soniasolo says

    Good god, so much ignorance, so little time. Kristen was home schooled, and graduated with honors. It’s against the law to have a kid quit public school without an alternative form of education. Kristen attempts to manage some social anxiety disorder issues, a disorder that is NOT solved with public schooling. She is fine in small groups and one on one interviews, but her social anxiety gets the best of her in larger forums, like awards shows, red carpets, and live studio audience interviews. People are so mean, the girl has a legitimate disorder that makes her very nervous and distracted in such situations(uh, like dropping awards and losing her train of thought), and all a lot of you posters do is just mock her. I respect her for doing what she wants, and just owning she’ snever going to be a smooth operator publicly like people want her to be.

  15. Anonymous says

    This ridiculous article makes it sound like she quit her schooling for good at age 13. In truth, she left public school to be homeschooled and tutored on her movie sets. Many child actors get their education through tutoring and homeschooling. She has worked on many movies since she started her acting career at age 9. She did eventually graduate and with honors!

  16. Anonymous says

    I like how the part which states that Kristen “recently completed her high school education via correspondence courses” was omitted from the original interview with Kristen:
    “She left high school when she was 13, unable to balance the pressures of a burgeoning professional life with a full-time education – ‘I was glad to leave school. I was missing a lot of classes and they were failing me’ – and says that she does not feel as though she was deprived of a normal childhood (she’s since completed her high-school education via correspondence courses).”

  17. Angelbaby says




  18. Anonymous says

    When she’s filming in LA, yes, she goes to that school. But when she’s abroad, she’s homeschooled. The Pitt-Jolie kids do the same. They’ve been some time going to a school in NY and I think the also went to a Lycée Français or something, was it in New Orleans? But when they’re abroad, they’re homeschooled. By private teachers, btw, not their parents.

  19. Ha says

    Having tutors on-set is not the same thing a homeschooling. And the Jolie-Pitt kids are part of an actual school system, the last I heard – also NOT homeschooling. If you attend classes not taught by your parents, you are not “homeschooled”.

  20. Eye went too skoul says

    OMG I can’t stop laughing. Who’s the person typing all this rambling crap and is unable to even spell the work “know” correctly. hahahahahahahaha Not to mention “Englad.” Is that England moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  21. Anonymous says

    Alot of people who have gone to high school no nothing about Brazil. In fact, I bet many of them believe they eat tacos and wear sombreros there. BTW – I got a feeling Kristin’s mother wasn’t really diligent in home schooling her daughter. What a shame.

  22. Are you kidding? says

    Said the person who believes they have the intelligence to point out someone’s lack of intelligence.

    Were you intoxicated when you wrote this? Ever heard of proof reading?

  23. lea says

    There is nothing more infuriating that stupid human being pretending to be somehow intelligent.

    You are making fun of her intelligence when yours is really limited.
    Honey you can drive from Englad to Russia because there is this beautiful think called the eurotunnel. I take it all the summer to go from France to England. You stupid.

    Then The Bulding thing was said by Taylor and was a poorly translated interview by fans. The actual statement was he didn’t know that the city was that big. So it wasn’ even her statement, and it was a poor traduction of what Taylor said.

    Not nowing about the Eurotunel is what happened when you think you’re too clever to learn about others country geography. At least she knows better than you and has a career while your talking about her.

  24. MA. says

    So she was homeschooled…what’s the big deal? So she doesn’t like the thought of going to college? How many out there took the same life choice and support by saying college isn’t for everyone? Kids are very cruel, how many kids have committed suicide lately because they couldn’t handle the bullies at school? Why does it matter under which roof you are receiving your education? Is a diploma from an institutional highschool worth more than one received from a GED exam? I read an article somewhere that Kristen Stewart graduated highschool while filiming the latest Twilight film, which means she is not a drop out and pretty much done as far as basic education is concerned.

  25. Anonymous says

    Dakota Fanning was homeschooled? I thought she went to a private school and was part of their cheerleading team. I thought I read somewhere that she was going to some prom as well.

  26. Anonymous says

    Oh, they are mean to me. I’ll quit and say I know everything.

    Mature people don’t play victim when they offend others like she did when comparing her privileged life to rape victims just because paps take her picture. Mature people don’t call those who don’t like them “Bullsh** People” as she does.
    Mature people take responsibility for their actions unlike her who blames everyone but herself.

    Her parents raised her to be a spoiled HW product.
    She seriously thinks college and acting classes would ruin her.
    What an arrogant snot.

  27. Anonymous says

    Spot on.

    She is absolutely unable to speak even a short sentence without an obscenety. Apperently in her mind that makes her cool and edgy and covers the lack of education.
    She constantly uses words which meaning she doesn’t know and then give a wrong context.
    I mean she said in an interview she would like to drive from London to Russia and then in Brazil she told that she’s surprised there are tall buildings in Sao Paolo which is bigger than New York.

    That happens when you leave the school.

  28. Brat says

    Her inability to correctly articulate an idea with out putting her foot in her mouth or the fact that she is awkward in interviews, I shows heavily. School not only teaches you things but helps with social skills.

  29. Anonymous says

    School is not for eevrybody and kids are mean and that goes to show what type of parents are raising them. I agree with her, althought I didn’t have to quit my studies, but I know some people that simply have to and a mother not necessarily heve to be considera and idiot for supporting her child’s decision. A lot kids go fo school and don’t larn anytihng and just cause trouble to others who are trying to make it, and to me those are consider a waste of space.

  30. Anonymous says

    Wow….mean comments. Maybe before you insult someone for quitting school and being home schooled you should make sure you spell everything correctly. Kinda takes the sting out of an insult when you come off like an idiot (it is spelled obscenity). Kristen Stewart is no moron, she is highly intelligent. I’m sure a camera in your face would make you a bit nervous as well.

  31. Anonymous says

    Dakota Fanning is not homeschooled. She was Homecoming Princess at her school last year and is on the Cheer Squad. Kristen finished her schooling at age 19. She continued her education privately out of the school environment which any teen could tell you can be brutal. Really the author of this article needs to do some research as do the previous posters.

  32. Anonymous says

    Dakota WAS homeschooled until high school. Kristen was teh opposite, she went to school until seventh grade, then did homeschool. It’s against the law to just quit school and not provide some sort of alternate education people, hello.

  33. Anonymous says

    She was home schooled. She took the last high school exams while she was filming Twilight. I remember she was asked about it by that time.

  34. John says

    She is just nervous, that’s all. As well, when she said she’d like to drive, she didn’t mean that literally. I mean look at Sarah Palin, apparently, when the sky is clear, you can see Russia, from Alaska!