Blake Lively Talks Babies, Cooking, And “The Town”

Blake Lively is featured in the October issue of Allure magazine, where she chats about her role in “The Town”, and what her future goals are.

Blake’s character in the upcoming flick with Ben Affleck was originally written as a 37-year-old mother:

“This part was originally supposed to be for a 37-year-old woman,she’s a mother , but when I read the script, I knew I had to have the part, It was selfish of me. I worried I would ruin it for other people. But I had to try it.

Even though she landed the role, Blake shares that she’s still insecure:

You make your mistakes on a bigger screen for everyone to see, “I’d look at what we shot on a day and it was like, Oh, gosh, I’m terrible.’

Blake shared a few of her future plans/hopes/goals:

“I want babies, lots of babies. Of course!”

“I want to have a brunch place, a bakery, and a Southern restaurant –  because my family’s from Georgia and then I want a place that is all-over-the-world cuisine, she explains. “I take a cooking class everywhere I travel. I find it’s the best way to get to know a culture. It’s what people bring to the family every day, what they break bread over – it’s a very intimate thing.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this movie; not only because I like Ben’s movies, but Blake drew me in after watching the trailer.

Blake was snapped this morning as she made her way over to the studio to tape an appearance on ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’.

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  1. Anonymous says

    I don’t think she looks unhealthy in the least. I hate when women tear down other women. They sound jealous and bitter; such unattractive qualities.