Christina Hendricks Says Living In Italy Has Made Her Sexier

I’m on the next flight over!! LOL!

Christina Hendricks says the time she spent living in Italy made her a sexier woman. The ‘Mad Men’ actress hasn’t always been curvy. In fact, the majority of her weight gain came during a love affair she had with pasta and cappuccino while working as a model in Europe. She explained:

“I started out as a model and when I went to Italy to build my modeling book I gained 15 pounds from all the pasta and cappuccinos. “I saw my body change and I loved how it changed my appearance and how it made me look more womanly and sexy.”

The 35-year-old beauty admits she has been pressured throughout her career to lose weight but insists she has always been happy with her size. She told Grazia magazine:

“I love my body as it is. People in the industry have been telling me to lose weight for years but I like the way I look. I give credit to my mom for helping me feel good about my appearance – for making sure I never felt embarrassed about my body, because she was never worried about looking too big.”

Kudos to Christina to not caving in! She is a wonderful representation of real women everywhere.




  1. Tiaenana says

    Good for her! I hate hollywood for making women insecure, if you have talent body weight should not matter!