Kate Hudson And Matt Bellamy Heat Things Up

Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy haven’t been dating for a very long time, but sources say they’re both ready to take things to the next level. And if they’re getting serious with each other, that means meeting the parents. The couple plans on introducing each other to mom and dad come Christmas time this year!

“It will be the first meeting of both sets of parents. Things are getting serious between Kate and Matt and it’s the obvious next step.

“Christmas is the only time they can get everyone together and the festive season is also the best time to do it.

“Matt’s parents divorced when he was a teenager but they maintained a relationship. There’s talk they could split the US trip between them.”

Do you think this time around Kate will be lucky in love? Maybe Matt really is the one for her!

Photos by Fame.




  1. idontcare says

    i think she’s an idiot and can’t be without a man. having a man validates her. probably because she has no talent.

  2. Chaz says

    i think Kate and Matt actually make a nice couple. of course for all muse fans who are girls are hating Kate. but if you read the, artical properly you see finally Matt Bellamy is happy and think so is Kate finally after her divorce with Chris.
    and plus is pretty cool for a, brit rocker and a actually at some movies really good actress from hollywood are together. it shows, that any love can happen. and hopefully, for both of their sakes i hope it lasts!!!