Ne-Yo Said He Saw Justin Bieber’s Talent Years Ago

I wonder what it’s like to be an entertainer, recognize potential in someone else, but not act on it, only to see that potential talent become a superstar? Rapper Ne-Yo admits he saw Justin Bieber’s talent years ago.

Justin did a cover of one of my songs on YouTube, which created a buzz. He came to a show and performed and was incredible then, but I didn’t do anything because he was just 11-year-old.’

Four years later, Justin auditioned for Usher’s label… and the rest is history. In Ne-Yo’s defense, I suspect this happens a lot :).

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  1. says

    1. I hate Justin Bieber. 2. I now hate Ne-Yo for his stupid comment. He saw potential in Justin Bieber years ago … when? When Bieber was IN DIAPERS?!!? I mean, CMON HERE

  2. Melissa says

    Ne-Yo is nothing more then an M.J wanna be and Justin Beiber is nothing more then a J.T wanna be. Can people be any less original these days? And yeah this Beiber kid seems like a little punk and quite full of himself.