10 Celebrity Couples Who Split And Blew Our Mind

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker filing for divorce is mind numbing. I mean… what? They were always holding hands, laughing and giving interviews about how much they loved one another. Where is this coming from?

Here at INO, we started to think about the many shocking celebrity divorces and separations that came as a shock. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker divorcing is on that list for sure. We’ll start them at number 10 just to get the ball rolling.

9. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey called it quits after several years of dating. The two comedians – who started seeing one another in 2006 – just seemed PERFECT for one another. However things moved along rather quickly and both parties are now on the market.

8. Rachel Weisz and Darren Aronofsky lived a very quiet life – one that was kept out of the public’s eye. You assume no news is good news, but after 9 years of marriage the pair decided to separate.

7. Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels – WHAT? What went wrong here?! Melissa has a special place in so many of our hearts so when we heard that she was separating from Tammy, we just couldn’t believe the news.

6. Christina Aguilera and Jordan Bratman share a child together and publicly flaunted their love for one another. When the bomb dropped that these two were splitting, most believed that it was just some tricky PR to boost attention for Christina’s upcoming movie, ‘Burlesque’. We shall see what happens over the next few months.

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5. Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin came out of nowhere and suddenly owned every front cover to every gossip magazine in town. Their TLC reality show skyrocketed them to fame and I guess it was too much to handle. Fans couldn’t believe when Jon and Kate filed for divorce.

4. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey – I know. I know. Jessica Simpson is happily engaged to Eric Johnson and Nick Lachey is engaged to Vanessa Minnillo. They both have moved on…  but wasn’t that a surprise when they split? I used to LOVE their reality show. We were really upset when Nick and Jess parted ways.

3. Courteney Cox and David Arquette — Technically these two are just separated, but I can’t imagine being able to reconnect after all this time apart. David is having a great time hooking up with a variety of women while Courteney is keeping things more low key.

2. Jesse James.. that DOG! Sandra Bullock is one of our favorite actresses. We couldn’t believe when we heard that Jesse was having an affair… I mean multiple affairs. My heart broke for Sandra when their divorce was announced.

1. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt – Yeah I said it. When Jennifer and Brad divorced it was unbelievable! This was the golden couple! The one that you wished your relationship resembled. They were SO HAPPY together! But life happens, time passes and love blossoms in a different form. I still think about these two every now and then.

So, who did we miss? What celebrity couple shocked you when they split?




  1. Justalark says

    I was shocked to hear that Al and Tipper Gore had split up…Who would’ve predicted that Bill and Hillary would have outlasted them?!!

  2. xy mom says

    Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Technically no divorce but after 23 years it shocked me!
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar and wife Lisa Ann Russell divorced this summer. They met during Saved By the Bell in 1993. That’s 18 years!
    And since royalty is in the news Prince Charles and princess Diana. It was so completely surprising to me.

  3. hath says

    You forgot Tom and Nichole , Reece and Ryan. But you didn’t forget the money shot of all time that still going to the day Brad and Jen’s. You also forgot how the tabloid were saying about them before even he went to do mr and mrs. Nothing was mellow as it was made by the media.

  4. the yapper says

    never married and I wasn’t surprised they seperated but everyone else seemed to be…mila kunis and macualey culkin.