Real Housewife NYC Blames John Travolta For $19.8 Million Debt

What?! Here are two names I never thought I’d see together: ‘Real Housewives of New York City’ cast member Sonja Morgan has filed for bankruptcy after amassing $19.8 million in debt and says actor John Travolta is partly to blame.

“The decision to seek bankruptcy was not an easy one, but unfortunately, I am at a crossroads in my life,” the 46-year-old Bravo star said in court papers.

Apparently, part of Sonja’s debt comes from a failed movie project that John was supposed to star in. The project never got off the ground because Sonja’s production company couldn’t meet “various conditions” John required be met.

Sonja also said her “bitter” divorce was partly to blame as well. She listed $13.5 million in assets but with a $19.8 million debt, she’s still in financial trouble. I don’t think starring in the ‘Real Housewives’ show is going to pay out that type of money. Ouch.

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