How Does ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Tally Up Votes? The Show’s Official Response To Bristol Palin Issue

There is huge controversy surrounding the possibility of Bristol Palin winning ‘Dancing with the Stars’.  I mean, some believe that if Bristol Palin win the reality show, the credibility would be RUINED.

The makers of the show decided to formally describe the process of how they tally up votes. Conrad Green, executive producer of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, had this to say:

It’s already corrected, to be honest with you. It might appear that you can make up a thousand email addresses and send them in, but we have a number of security checks in place that go over all of the internet votes before they’re calculated. In this particular case, we can spot an IP address, and if one computer sends in a crazy amount of email votes, we just discard them. These things can happen for any of our contestants. It’s not like only Bristol’s fans could do that. It could just as easily be happening for Jennifer’s or for someone else’s. But either way, those excessive votes are not being counted.

So in other words, if someone votes from the same computer it doesn’t count twice even though it might LOOK like it counts twice. There is no way to cheat and the process is not rigged.

Exactly. And there’s a number of other security checks they can do. I’m not gonna reveal all of them, because it might encourage people to try to find a way around them. But there are tons of checks done by every one of our vendors — the phone people, the text people and the internet people. They do discard anything that looks suspicious. Sometimes people just can’t get through because the phone lines are busy; the local exchanges get overwhelmed. But that affects everyone equally. Unfortunately, it’s a huge country with a huge infrastructure, and those kinds of things are going to go wrong. Our servers have gone down on the internet during voting a lot. I’m very confident the votes that are getting through are valid.

Does this make you feel more comfortable with the process? Do you vote for your favorite dancer on ‘Dancing with the Stars’? Is Bristol Palin your number one choice?




  1. Kodie says

    One of the things I liked about DWTS was the fact that they combined the judges score and votes so it helped get rid of the people who were not good dancers. After this season, I believe it’s rigged like all the other voting shows.

    • coco says

      You’re wrong. They used the judges-public votes because it’s not just about the dancing talent. How is it a fair a competition if Jerry Springer and Mel B have to compete against each other. One star may be an excellent dancer (like Mya), another might be popular (Donnie Osmond). If it’s only about the dancing then it should be like Idol. Only invite celebrities that can dance so the competition is fair.

      • Kodie says

        I don’t think anyone who goes on that show is an excellent dancer to begin with. Yes, certain celebrities “dance” while singing, but none of them are BALLROOM DANCING. That is much different from the dancing they are used to. I remember Sabrina Bryan getting lower scores because she had too much hip hop in her dancing. Yes they are good at memorizing steps but they have no formal ballroom dance training and therefore are on the same level as everyone else when they start. Bristol Palin has gotten better, but she still has no emotion in her face and is no where near as good as Brandy, Jen, or Kyle, and therefore should not be in the finals.

  2. Elaine says

    One thing that I just don’t understand is how Bristol Palin manages to look exactly the same now as she does when she first started dancing on the show. Other people that I have seen on the show manage to lose weight, but she still looks exactly the same. She doesn’t look any fitter or slimmer. She’s not fat, but a bit on the chubby side, but you would think all that dancing and working out would help her get in shape, but nope. As for her dancing, she’s pretty average to make it this far, but I guess whatever brings the ratings.

    • Mimi says

      Take a look at the 1st show and u will notice a change in her body. She may have not lost weight but she is super toned and check out her legs.

  3. ann says

    Everyone in our house votes for Bristol. She’s not a whiner, a drama queen, or an attention seeker. She was actually quite good on Monday, but I don’t think people can see past the fact that she’s Sarah Palin’s daughter. I don’t think Kevin is that great of a dancer to be honest and I don’t see anyone complaining that he’s made it to the finale.

  4. says

    @ann, his name isn’t Kevin it’s Kyle and he does deserve to be in the finals bcuz he actually moves on the floor and he’s 1/2 the size he started at, unlike BP who because she’s not working/dancing hasn’t lost1lb….. don’t get me wrong it’s not about weight loss or looks but more like who actually performs i.e. movement, facial expressions, genuine emotion, breathing perhaps, etc, etc… BP dances like a concrete wall & is as graceful as a pyramid in a sand storm, she actually appears to not care about the competition and my all time favorite is [drumroll plz] SHE IS NOT A STAR, being an unwed teenage mother doesn’t make you a star!!! Do you know how many CELEBS/STARS are in Walmart right now if that was the case???

    And, most importantly, if everybody in your house votes for her I do hope it’s from different computers, if not that my dear is what the whole issue is about …. CHEATING!!!!!

  5. Mimi says

    This is my opinion, DWTS should be based on having no dancing background and showing great improvement throught the weeks. Jennifer Grey is fantastic ….YES but she started out fantastic and she hasn`t really shown much improvement …I feel. As for Kyle Masey he isn`t a dancer and has shown great improvement judt like Bristol. I think if «bristol does win she deserves it. I was super happy to see Brandy go, She & Max were just to arogant and she was acting and talking like she had it in the bag and owned that trophy. I disliked her and happy with the top 3.

  6. Sara Z says

    I don’t even watch the show but I would expect that since the show is called ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ they would have ACTUAL stars and not some snot-nosed nobody kid of Sarah Palin.

    Bristol Palin a star. Really? What a joke.