Deane Sheremet Shares Engagement Ring Picture On Twitter

LeAnne Rimes’ ex Deane Sheremet recently proposed to new girlfriend Sarah Silver and she accepted! A few moments ago Deane shared what the engagement ring looked like on Twitter. Talk about a close up!

Deane Sheremet tweeted the following message along with the pic:

Pretty ring for a pretty girl!

Aw how sweet! So, everyone has moved on. Deane is with Sarah Silver and LeAnne Rimes is happily not engaged to Eddie Cibrian. LeAnn actually publicly congratulated her ex once she found out the news. This year is all about the celebrity divorce and the celebrity engagement, right?

Back to the ring – what do you think about it?




  1. Amy says

    You were actually right the first time! Its Deane with an ‘e’. The only place he has control of his own name is Twitter. And while his user name doesn’t have the ‘e’ (probably for space reasons), his verified name does, and only he can control that. Multiple media outlets have confused this for years but he set it straight on twitter when someone asked him how to spell his name and he said ‘with an e!’ Always go with your gutt Vera!

  2. Sophi says

    It’s a beautiful ring, but I don’t think it looks like an engagement ring. It looks like a ring to commemorate a special occasion, such as an anniversary or a birthday. How will you wear a wedding band with that? Do you wear a wedding band with it? None the less, it is beautiful, but not my taste for an engagement ring.

  3. Newbeginnings316 says

    Leann has moved on?

    So that is why Leann is still tweeting about her so called sex life with EC and EC kids 24/7 to make us believe that all is well with her and EC?

    Of course Leann issued a fake congrats to Dean, she was trying to use Dean engagement to promote her single since she has pulled THREE fake engagements with EC that resulted in major backlash against her.