Victoria Beckham Workout Routine: Runs 5 Miles A Day

Victoria Beckham is known for her slim figure. There’s always talk about the former Spice Girl’s diet and fitness routine. Every so often we actually get Victoria to comment on what she does to stay so skinny.

It’s pretty simple in the end. She eats the right portions and runs around “five miles” every day.

“I run four or five miles every day on the treadmill. For me I like the fact I can get off whenever I want … I’ve also started seeing a trainer at the gym and he’s fantastic. Brutal, but absolutely fantastic.”

Recently, David Beckham admitted to InStyle magazine that his wife is “obsessed” with staying fit:

Victoria’s obsessed with working out. She’s in the gym every morning … But I hate running and not getting anywhere. I like to be outside. I like to run on the roads late at night. When I’ve got the day off, I’ll go to the gym with Victoria. There’s this amazing gym in Santa Monica we go to.”

I know a lot of people who are addicted to that “runner’s high” – but I am not one of them. Do you love to run like Victoria Beckham?

Photos by INF




  1. Lovem says

    She looks great. I wish I could have a do-over and start back from my high school body. I would take so much better care of it.

  2. Jack says

    I love running especially outside but I can’t when it gets cold out because of my asthma so I run on the treadmill which isn’t fun for me but I still get that “high” feeling.