Jennifer Garner Plays With Her Daughters

Jennifer Garner is still hanging out with her girls: the actress took full advantage of the kids’ activities a Pacific Palisades farmer’s market had on Sunday. It looks like Violet and Seraphina had a ball!

Looks like the car ride may have been a little scary for Seraphina for a moment, but she got used to it. Kids have so much fun in those mini cars :).

Ben Affleck didn’t make it this time, but luckily Jennifer still had help. With all the paparazzi around, I’m sure she needs all the help she can get!

Photos by FAME




  1. Lovem says

    Her girls are so dang cute it just kills me. I know we only “see” what the paps shows us, but she seems like such a good mom. and I know she’s denied it, but I swear she seems pregnant. Maybe she denied to keep the paps at a bay a little bit, but I think htey’ll come out with an announcement in a month or two. every shot lately just looks more and more like a baby belly is growing under there. I hope it’s true. :)