Fact Or Fiction: Jennifer Aniston Tells Chelsea Handler To Stop Talking About Angelina Jolie

I told you about how Chelsea Handler went off on Angelina Jolie recently, calling ‘The Tourist’ star a “homewrecker.” The day that story broke, Chelsea went on her E! show and said her friend Jennifer Aniston had nothing to do with her remarks.

Now Pop Eater reports that Jennifer herself wasn’t happy about Chelsea’s comments.

“Jen has gone out of her way to keep her private feelings about that woman who stole her husband private and has always asked her friends to do the same,” an insider tells me. “She is furious with Chelsea for bringing the whole situation back to life again and landing her on the cover of a weekly magazine tomorrow with a Brad headline.”

Jennifer reportedly feels as betrayed as when John Mayer told the press he broke up with her. Now Chelsea’s reportedly out of Jen’s inner circle.

“Jen doesn’t just let these sort of people in her life,” a friend of the actress tells me. “She hates drama or unnecessary attention and certainly doesn’t want to ever see her face on a tabloid again with a headline about Angie or Brad.”

I don’t think Jennifer’s been completely close-lipped about her feelings toward Angelina, but this may have been too much.

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  1. Lovem says

    I don’t think Jennifer would tell her friends how to do their job. comedy is chelsea’s job and she’s been raggin on Angelina for a long time. Yeah, it sucks that nobody ever lets this whole triangle thing go. Maybe one day soon we’ll get another A-List break up of this level and the attention will shift FINALLY.

  2. Ha says

    I can only remember two instances when Jennifer Aniston had anything to say publicly about it and both were in direct response to very specific interview questions, one regarding a quote of Angelina Jolie’s and one about the photo shoot AJ and Brad did to promote their movie that was published right about the time the whole cheating fiasco was being speculated about. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pissed off about Chelsea Handler bringing attention to the story once again.