Jon Bon Jovi Doesn’t Plan To Take On Any New Acting Jobs

Rocker Jon Bon Jovi has numerous acting credits under his belt (Pay It Forward, Sex & the City,Ally McBeal), but he shares that he no longer feels the urge to pursue it. He tells Larry King:

“(I) loved it. It adds a great humility to what I do musically, because I was able to continue in something in the arts with all the exuberance of youth and the experience of the music business, but truly on the bottom of the ladder…

He isn’t ruling it out 100%, but he has much loftier plans right now:

“Maybe some day again (I will act), but it’s so far down the list of things to do these days, because the music has been so great, I’ve got other philanthropic actions and business stuff going on. So it’s not that appealing.”

I thought he had done some more acting recently, but I guess not – according to iMDB, his last gig was back in 2006! I’m a little behind! At least he hasn’t given up music!

Photos by INF