Naked Pictures Of Ke$ha Released: Oral Sex Shot

Ke$ha (KESHA) must be throwing up in her mouth this morning. Naked photos of her and a former boyfriend have hit the web. The ‘Tik Tok’ singer was photographed kissing and biting Alex Carapetis and receiving oral sex from her former flame.

Oh my goodness.

Ke$ha’s naked photos are going to go viral and unfortunately there’s no way to stop them. I won’t post them here, but trust me, they are making their rounds.

I know what you are thinking – you’re saying that it might not be Ke$ha in the oral sex shot because you can’t see her face. SHE CONFIRMED IT! Why would she do that??? Maybe she doesn’t mind being part of a naked celebrity scandal.  I guess ‘We are Who We are‘. :)

Photos by WENN




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    I glad that they did NOT show it anyways i sall the pictures and there nothing really imporite nothing was bad and yes she said it on mtv she said he does it well and you need to try it i was like i ll wait until im 30 but ill never do it lol and yes i have my website it call peace ps i do talk all about it