‘Glee’ Star Matthew Morrison Planning Solo Tour

Matthew Morrison is planning a solo world tour. ‘Glee’ fans all over the world are imploding as we speak. The TV HUNK has decided to travel alone and not join his co-stars on their European concert dates next year. Matthew has a new album to promote!

He told ‘Extra’:

“I go right into rehearsals after Christmas. “This is the only time I have off, really, so that’s why we’re kinda getting it in now. When ‘Glee’ goes on hiatus in April, I’m gonna start doing a big tour.”

Wow! I wonder how Matthew Morrison will do on his own? Does he have what it takes to pull in large crowds worldwide? He does look super hot shirtless… maybe he squeeze a few performances in while not wearing one. :)

PS – the thumbnails below are from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hollywood Star ceremony. Matthew came to show his support!

Photos by WENN.com