Jennifer Lopez Facing $10 Million Lawsuit

I guess Ojani Noa’s figured out that he isn’t going to be able to go after ex-wife Jennifer Lopez (probably due to whatever is in their confidentiality agreement). So now his girlfriend, Claudia Vasquez, is suing the new ‘American Idol’ judge. For $10 million.

Jennifer Lopez stopped a movie I was producing with Ojani Noa,” Vazquez told E! News Monday. “I waited for a year and half for this case to be resolved but she has been asking for a lot of extensions and it is just taking too long. I’m not getting anywhere and I’m losing a lot of money.”

This is the movie that reportedly includes footage from home videos of Jennifer exposing herself. Yet Claudia said the movie isn’t about the actress.

“This is not about Jennifer Lopez’s life, this is about Ojani’s life,” she said.

It’s crazy the lengths some people will go to to exploit celebrities, isn’t it? Well, I’ll be shocked if this lawsuit goes anywhere.