Rihanna And Matt Kemp Call It Quits

I guess the rumors that were swirling last week that there was some trouble between Rihanna and Matt Kemp were true – they’ve called it quits after nearly a year of dating.

“It happened over the last few weeks. “She basically was just over it.”

It must have cooled pretty quickly – they were just vacationing in Paris together last month.

Another source shared “Matt’s side” of things:

He just can’t keep up with her crazy travel schedule. Matt’s sick of always following after her like a puppy dog all over the world. He wants something more normal.
“It was never as serious as it looked. It was always just [about] having fun.”

Hopefully they ended things on a friendly note, they seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. I guess this explains why Rihanna is home with her family in Barbados without him.

Photos by INF




  1. Kaisinger says

    I keep telling people, celebrity couples never work. There are just too many things going against them. For one, all of the fans who throw themselves at these stars. And most of the time, the male celebrities take the bait most of the time. Also, the schedules apart, especially if both parties are successful. Then there is the jealousy issues if one is more successful, the prenuptual agreements, oh there is just so many reasons why stars should not get together. Unless it is just for fun times and sex.