Russell Brand Afraid Of Losing Wedding Ring

Funnyman Russell Brand is a newlywed and he still can’t get used wearing that wedding ring! When you first get married, it’s like you constantly feel self-concious of what’s on your finger. After a while, it becomes second nature.

Russell said,

“It’s weird to wear a wedding ring because when I wash my hands, I’m scared I’ll leave it by the sink.

“So basically the wearing of the ring is fraught with potential pitfalls, if not the marriage it signifies.”

Ha! He’s hilarious. Russell also has some sweet words about wife, Katy Perry.

“I knew moments after meeting her that I wanted to marry her.

“I think the time was right and I was ready to live in a different way. And Katy’s very strong and wilful but gentle too.

“I’m just living out every day – and I’m so happy to have met someone like her.”

MOMENTS after meeting her! That’s just crazy. But when you know, you know. I’m really hoping that this is a Hollywood marriage made to last. Do you think they’ll make it?

Photos by Fame.




  1. anotherdirtymartini says

    I like Russell – he is hilarious! Did anyone see him on Conan? So funny that I watched it a couple times.